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The Motor City Redones

In early 1977 a young boy heard a new sound on a cassette tape played on a single speaker tape player in the corner of his bedroom. Inspired by this unique, driving sound, he had no idea he was listening to a sound born in the streets of Hamtramck that would help launch the burgeoning Power-Punk sound that was taking the world be storm from bands like the Ramones, Iggy Pop and the Stooges and later even acts like Green Day. The sound he heard was The Reruns and the sound he heard that day he'd never forget.

The Redones play a similar style of sound, covering the bands that span all eras of Rock and Roll. The Beatles, The Knack, The Animals and Queen and David Bowie.

More importantly the sound of the bands of Hamtramck are covered as well. The Romantics, The Motor-City Mutants and the Reruns.

Look for Matt and his Kondrat cousins, (Carl, Tom, Paul and Stephen) and even his children, Maddie and Luke, at a stage near you!!

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